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Presidents Message

I would like to take the time to welcome all to the new National Russian Tumbler Club web site, and thank everyone who help make it happen, it has been a couple of years since we have been able to make any changes and a lot has happened. I feel the website is valuable tool for the club to get our information around the world and keep everyone informed on what the Russian Tumblers in the US is all about.

This group who is interested in promoting and helping anyone who has an interest in this breed, weather it be showing, flying or just sitting in your back yard watching them raise their young.
Joe Grau is my Vice President, Joe Grau is keeping track of the Master Breeder points. We are all here to help you any way we can to keep your pigeons healthy and you up to date on where the shows are that have Russian Tumblers, who the winners are, and what the winning birds look like.

We also want to be a way for you to buy the birds you need, and sell any extra that you might have by advertising on our Facebook page. The club offers our own bands that are NPA approved, Patches, hats, and puts up awards for the shows, and Master Breeders program. We also support the National Pigeon Association and we want to work with the youth. I have been working with the 4-H groups and believe that is the future of our hobby.

President / Secretary / Band Distributor
Mark Newby
7016 W. 100 S.
Kokomo, IN 46901
(765) 210-2398
email: mrknewby@aol.com

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